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Family Law

The term "family law" is a broad one, defining the legal responsibilities of parties involved in some sort of intimate or family relationship. In other words, family law involves things like separation and divorce, child custody, and parental rights issues. Because of the complexity of family law it is often difficult for the parties involved to work out their disagreements without the help of an attorney.

Family Law Practice Utah

This is especially true considering the sensitive and emotional nature of family law issues. Oftentimes disputes between parties involve children, finances, and real property; three things that can cause emotional turmoil and stress for everyone involved. The experienced attorneys at Giacovelli Law understand the sensitive nature of family law issues and strive to serve clients with an attitude of compassion and understanding.

Some of the family law issues we can help you with include:

Separation and Divorce – Facing a separation or divorce from your partner is oftentimes a highly stressful and emotional time. Yet these things do not have to destroy your life. Our legal team can assist you in navigating the waters of separation and divorce in order to protect the interest of everyone involved.

Child Custody - Disputes regarding child custody can occur between divorcing couples or those who are living together with children but decide to split. Child custody is an especially sensitive area because it involves the emotional well-being of kids. The Giacovelli team does its best to handle these types of disputes in a way that protects those most vulnerable. And we strive to see that you are treated fairly and reach a resolution that enables you to maintain a close and meaningful relationship with your child or children as you move on with your new arrangement in life which oftentimes mean learning to co-parent with your former partner.

Parental Rights - The area of parental rights deals with disputes between parents and grandparents, issues with school systems, and interactions with social services, just to name a few. The area of parental rights is again one where we highly recommended using the help of an experienced attorney to help guide you thru this process and ensure that you are treated fairly and that your child’s best interests are kept at the forefront.

Property Distribution - In the event a marriage or cohabitation relationship ends, there is inevitably jointly owned property that needs to be dispersed. Our attorneys can represent you to make sure equity and fairness are observed.

When you hire the team at Giacovelli to help you with your family law issues, you are getting a team that utilizes that individual approach. We are ready to sit down and learn everything we can about your case so that we can represent you properly. If you need help settling a family law dispute, please do not hesitate to contact us right away.

The key to the successful resolution of family law disputes rests in the willingness of both parties to work together and the ability of attorneys to find creative solutions. Every family situation is different and, as a result, requires an approach that fits the unique circumstances.
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