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Custody Disputes

In order to resolve custody disputes as quickly as possible and while causing the least interference or harm in the children’s lives, parents must work together with their attorneys to find the best possible solution. In our practice we are all parents. We have the legal expertise you require along with the sensitivity necessary to protect children from being caught in the middle or otherwise harmed.

Child Custody in Utah

Components of Child Custody

Child custody laws in Utah take into consideration a number of factors, with the focus being to determine what is in the best interest of the child. Custody of a child consists of two overarching components which are physical custody and legal custody.

Physical custody settles the question of where children will physically reside most of the time. The parent to whom sole physical custody is granted becomes the custodial parent, provides the child’s primary residence and is entitled to child support and the liberty to make day-to-day decisions regarding the needs of children. Alternatively a joint physical custody arrangement may be awarded and this means the child’s time is equally divided between the two parents.

Legal custody is slightly different in that it deals with who has the right to make legal decisions regarding the upbringing of children. Sometimes legal custody is granted to both parents in a joint arrangement while other times one parent is given full responsibility over legal decisions.

In Utah, it is possible for both joint physical custody and joint legal custody to be granted and each issues are decided separately. In a joint physical custody scenario both parents have nearly equal access to children and share in the residency, child support, and day-to-day needs of their kids.

The Parenting Plan

In order for a court to resolve custody disputes, a parenting plan must be submitted. Ideally that plan is one that can be agreed to by both parents and their attorneys. We will help you develop such plan to present to the court. We will work with you, the other party's attorney, and the judge to come up with a solution that is best for your minor children and you.

It is important in the midst of child custody disputes to remember that the children’s needs are paramount. We encourage you to call us today so we can sit down with you and discuss what is best for you and your children. We want to help you settle your custody dispute so that you and your kids can have resolution and move forward in your lives.

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